Micro Blading

Micro Blading is a form of cosmetic tattoo but different from traditional cosmetic tattooing which is done with a machine (very much like a normal tattoo). Micro Blading is done with a hand tool and a fine blade that attaches to the end (everything I use is sterile and disposable), the blade is dipped into the pigment and then used to create fine hair strokes by making fine superficial incisions into the skin or shadowing by lightly scratching the surface of the skin. They designed the micro blading technique to be completely semi permanent and to replicate the most natural looking eyebrow possible, by only implanting the pigment into the second layer of the skin it means pigment stays true to its colour, looks soft and natural and the strokes stay nice and fine. Micro Blading will last up to 18months-2years maximum if the client chooses not to continue with the procedure, as the skin cells regenerate the pigment comes forward and eventually buffs out of the skin. To maintain the procedure a colour refresh is required on average between 6-12months, some clients may get over 12months but results vary person to person, depending on clients skin, age, lifestyle, aftercare and medications.

Your first appointment with me will take 2-2.5 hours, as I like to take my time and go through everything throughly with the client, topical anaesthetic is applied to the skin which I like to leave on the skin for 45mins to make sure the client is nice and numb throughout the procedure, while this is on we will run through a full consultation, where a colour match is done, discussion of desired eyebrow shape/thickness, take home after care and instructions, measured and drawn on brows before we start, eyebrow tidy. The tattooing once started takes roughly an hour give or take, a second anaesthetic is applied throughout the procedure which will numb even deeper and reduce swelling.

All first time micro blading procedures are a two step procedure, you have your first appointment and the come back for a touch up 4-8 weeks time, there is no guaranteed results after your first appointment your brows will not be completed until your touch up, as we are trying to keep the pigment in the second layer and everybody’s skin and body react differently to the pigment. Less is defiantly more when it comes to this technique!

Feather Touch Brows $499.00

  • Touch up 4-8 weeks $99
  • Powder/Shading technique $49

This is the most natural and most popular procedure, fine hair strokes are created in the skin to build a nice natural looking brow or adding colour and denseness throughout the brow where needed.

3D Brows $549.00

  • Touch up 4-8 weeks $99
  • Touch Up 4-8 weeks using both Feather Stroke & Powder $149
  • Powder/Shading technique $49

3D brows are a mixture of Feathering and powder brow, Feathering done first and then the powder technique. These initially will be dark and bold, but as they heal over the week they soften right back and the feather strokes become the strongest part with a shadow of pigment behind the strokes giving a soft powder effect. This technique is great for those wanting a bolder defined brow and normally powder/pencil them in everyday.

*Please note most people will only require the powder technique to be done in the first appointment. If the clients skin is more resistant to the pigment or the client requires a more defined finish then both techniques will be required at the touch up.

Minor Touch Ups $99.00

This is 4-8 weeks after your touch up and still require a bit more work. The odd client may have a bit more trouble with their skin accepting the pigment, quite often clients with a higher oil content in their skin, or at there touch up they decided to go thicker and therefore we are implanting pigment where it doesn’t already exist so in the healing process it hasn’t grabbed as well and then require a minor touch up to build the pigment in those areas.

Colour Refresh $225-$349

This is your future maintenance, when your brows have faded and you want the colour adjusted, we go back over the original tattoo implant more colour and then it boosts for another 6-18months.

  • 4-9 month refresh $225
  • 10-14 month refresh $299
  • 15-18 month refresh $349

(extra fee may be added for 3D BROWS depending on required work on the day)

Eyelash Extensions

Using the highest quality silk fibres and long lasting glue on the market. Eyelash extensions are individually grafted to each individual natural lash, lasting up to 4-8 weeks on your natural lashes depending on the lash cycle. The lash extensions I use are very lightweight. When applied correctly and looked after properly eyelash extensions should not do any damage to your natural eyelashes. Infills are recommended every 2-4 weeks to maintain fullness.

Classic Lashes

Single lashes individually grafted to each single natural lash to create the most natural finish.

  • Full Set $100
  • 2 Week Infill $50
  • 3 Week Infill $60
  • 4 Week Infill $70

Hybrid Lashes

This is a mixture of classic and volume fans to create a fuller fluffier finish but still natural enough.

  • Full Set $115
  • 2 Week Infill $55
  • 3 Week Infill $65
  • 4 Week Infill $75

Volume Lashes

This is the most dramatic finish, using volume fans consisting of 4-5 fine lashes per 1 natural lash.

  • Full Set $130
  • 2 Week Infill $60
  • 3 Week Infill $70
  • 4 Week Infill $80

Henna is a natural tint used to stain the skin, this creates a powder finish to the brows, lasting up 7-14 days on the skin, 4-6 weeks on the hair.

  • Brow Sculpt / Tint / Eyelash Tint $50
  • Brow Sculpt / Henna / Eyelash Tint $55
  • Brow Sculpt with Henna $45
  • Brow Sculpt with Tint $40
  • Brow Sculpt $30
  • Brow Wax $25
  • Brow Tint $20
  • Eyelash Tint $25
  • Eyelash Lift & Tint $79